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Join Eva on a journey to discover being yourself is the best gift of all

Eva The Kid Reporter

Courtney receiving a standing
ovation from elementary school kids after a "Eva The Kid Reporter" presentation!

Why Us
Young Girl Reading
  • Female-led main character

A muslim girl reading a book
  • Diverse main character

Young boy
  • Supports a healthy self-esteem

  • Encourages children to ask questions and learn more about their surroundings

Young girls
  • Encourages kids to follow their dreams like Eva!

Kids love "Eva"!

How It Works

Learn about Eva

Eva is a little girl whose big, curly hair matches her big appetite for answers.

She is curious, asks a lot of questions and talks a lot.

Everyone from her babysitter to her classmates try to stop her from asking so many questions, but she just can't seem to help it!


She starts to feel like maybe she should change who she is, until she watches her favorite program, the evening news, and sees a new reporter on the screen that looks JUST like her.

From the reporter's thick, curly hair, to the reporter asking questions all the time to find the answers, Eva starts to realize she may not need to change who she is after all. 

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